Soooooo I am graduating from uni this week. I dont really like going to graduation or reward parades. I always feel stupid, like I’m being judged or people are laughing at me. Its really stupid. 
But, i feel extra blah because I’m graduating with a BA and thinking about stigma with that and future dilemmas. 
Also, I’ve dyed my hair blue, purple and red this afternoon (i always have coloured hair) but now i’m wondering if i should dye it back to blonde so I look more “serious” in the photos and on stage.



I’ve already fancast Gwendoline as the new Thor. I’m not sorry.


I’ve already fancast Gwendoline as the new Thor. I’m not sorry.

for real though i think im in love


Requested by my friend, scatteredconnections!

Requested by my friend, scatteredconnections!







Seriously I know that boobs are beautiful and sexy and everything, but really, it’s just some organic jiggling baby feeders. No need to hide them or be ashamed or over-sexualize them. 



reblog cuz this is funny

I shouldn’t have to tag this for NSFW, So I won’t.

Probably if more girls would do this, we could adapt more like not calling them sexual organs lol Remember that some guys are assholes too, so prepare to get yelled at or possibly touched :/ We should get rid of the problem (those guys) instead of forcing bras or bikinis….

I went to church with a lady that went to do missionary work in Africa (I think it was Africa.) and they had classes on how they needed to dress and stuff. And at one point she made a joke about wearing turtlenecks and the teacher said “Darlin, you could walk around topless for all the men are going to care.”

This woman is “stacked” “buxom”… she has big titties okay?

And she said “Really??”

And the teacher explained. “Breasts are for babies in most parts of the world. It’s only in America and a few other places that Breasts are seen as sexual. Breasts to men of the country we are going to are for babies and only for babies. Now… your ass on the other hand… you’re gonna need some long skirts with a high waist, cause they notice the booty.”

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There are now over 650 people following me and I thought I should do something about it.  And what better thing to do than gift the upcoming Dragon Age: Inquisition game?

So let’s get on with it!


  • A copy of the Deluxe Edition of Dragon Age: Inquisition for one lucky follower.  Depending on the winner’s preference, the game will be purchased through Origin or Amazon and sent accordingly.


  1. As this is a follower giveaway, I’d prefer it if you followed me.  New followers are always welcome!
  2. Reblogs and likes count, and you can enter as many times as you like.  Just try not to spam your poor dash.
  3. You must be willing to provide me with your Origin account (if you choose a digital copy) or your shipping address (if you choose a PC Physical, PlayStation, or Xbox copy).
  4. After the draw, I will give the winner 24 hours to respond before drawing again.
  5. No giveaway blogs, please.  That’s just unfair.
  6. And that’s it.
  7. Have fun!

I will be drawing the winner on July 17, 2014 at 7 PM AST.  Get your reblogs and likes in before then!

Draw is on Thursday lovelies!

holy dang you're hella cute

Naww. Shucks. Thanks nonny


when ur with ur best friend







cullen you literally just took that off



Alternative Expo. Brisbane. 

My Ladypool Cosplay. 

Photo by James Niland

I’m not too happy with my wig and pose in these pics, but still not too bad. Have to get belt, wig and other holsters better next time. :)


Favourite Australian saying: “have a good one”. Have a good what? We’ll never tell. You’ll never know Australian secrets.